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KEDE Values...

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Parental Support Activities

We value the role parents play in supporting their children at home. STEM4Parents© and The APPARENT PARENT© are two parent engagement programs designed to support parents as they support their children by bridging the gap between home and school.

STEMulating Events

We value our goals in providing STEMulating Festivals, Camps and Events that support STEM and STEAM!

We are available for consultation as well as innovative and interactive approaches to help you produce a fantastic STEM event!

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Teaching and Learning Support

We value our belief that we are the best! Therefore, KEDE offers Teaching and Learning workshops, seminars and training across all educational disciplines that help support districts, leaders, teachers, communities and parents. And we provide that support to the best of our abilities!

KEDE Values...

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Feedback From Clients

KEDE values the feedback we receive from our clients, and we use that feedback to provide even better programming.

Fun and Engaging Activities

We value our services and assure we provide our clients with fun and engaging activities, no matter what the topic!

KEDE Values...

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High Quality Products: The STEMology of Education​

We value our products to assure we provide the best! KEDE's STEMology of Education is a workshop that provides educators with fun and exciting way to look at STEM. It's funny and will leave you in stitches. The STEMology of Education book, which is used with a workshop of the same name, is one our newest publications coming soon. And our newest arrival in Children's Literature: The Adventures of Max and Mohammed: A STEM Series!

Our Products and Services

We value all of products and services by staying focused on our goals:

1. Be recognized as a World Class consulting company.

2. Provide the best training, workshops and seminars possible.

3. Create and design the best products and services to meet the needs of our clients.